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Since 15 years the Tyrolean Extreme Metallers of „Relinquished“ have been performing on stage, returning to their anniversary in march 2019 with their new and third album „Addictivities (Part I)“. They release an album, that presents the band from their roughest and darkest side with a fusion of death/black metal and progressive metal. Thematically, the first part of the three-part concept album deals with the drug-addicted protagonist Daniel and also tells the prequel-story of Relinquished’s debut album „Susanna Lies In Ashes“ from the year 2011.

Five years passed since the release of Relinquished’s second regular studio album „Onward Anguishes“. A long time, but the musicians Sebastian Bramboeck (Voc.), Simon Dettendorfer (Guit.), Anton Keuschnick (Guit.) and Dominik Steffan (Bass) used the lack to perfect the new song material and thus present a result, that makes the band rougher, harder and more uncompromising than ever. For example, the Tyrolean guys in „Addictivities (Part 1)“ incorporate influences from the Black Metal genre into their sound, which is already evident in the first moments of the opener „Expectations“.

With epic songs like the opener „Expectations“, which tells the story of an almost dead relationship and unfulfillable expectations to the partner, or the brutal „Syringe“ with its interplay of hard and fast passages, the daily process of the addicted person on the way to healing as well as the deep black metallic „Zero“, which represents the absolute low point of the protagonist. Relinquished once again tells a self-contained story that runs through the album.

Founded in 2004 by Sebastian Bramboeck and Anton Keuschnick, Relinquished have always been known for their concept albums, in which the individual songs are put together into a single narrative thread. After the 2008 EP „Rehearshal Doom“, which opened some doors for the band, Relinquished signed a record deal with Noisehead Records and released their debut album „Susanna Lies in Ashes“ on this label in 2010. From this moment on, the Austrian musicians caused a sensation in the metal scene. Not only the media, but also metal fans and concert organizers became aware of the band.

This was followed by various concerts throughout Austria, where Relinquished could also prove their qualities as a live act. For example, the band played concerts with Asphagor, Prometheus, or Pershing Mankind. After several gigs Relinquished presented the first music video for the song „Padded Cell“.

In 2013, Bramboeck, Dettendorfer, Keuschnick and Steffan together with their then drummer Florian Vonach, released their second longplayer „Onward Anguishes“, from which the music video „Authority“ was decoupled. As their sound evolves, Relinquished become more progressive here and show their experimental side. They expand their Death Metal sound with the harmonic clear vocals of guitarist and songwriter Simon Dettendorfer, who added Sebastian Bramboeck’s harsh lead vocals with this softer element.
After an extensive tour together with bands like Amorphis, Belphegor, Obituary and Grave, as well as occasional concerts in Germany and Austria, Relinquished changed to the German independent label „NRT Records“ in 2016, which relesed the former albums; and publishes the already written new album „Addictivities (Part 1)“.

Relinquished entered the studio without a drummer and started recording sessions. Guitarist and composer Simon Dettendorfer played the drum-parts and more blast beats were used for the first time. Shortly after completing the recording sessions, drummer Richard Marx joined the band.

After finalizing the production of „Addictivities (Part 1)“ in spring 2018, Relinquished premiered „Avalanche Of Impressions“ in October 2018, in the form of a Lyric video that gives a taste of what the entire album will sound like.

For the band’s 15th anniversary, the new album will be released via NRT-Records on march the 22nd, 2019. Relinquished will also play live in 2019 again.

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